Entrepreneur First backs TokenAnalyst to bring transparency to the decentralized economy.

Like most investors, we at EF are following developments in crypto assets — but it’s often hard to find and view key statistics of these investments. TokenAnalyst promises to provide much needed transparency into these assets.

About TokenAnalyst

Institutional cryptoasset investors make decisions based on incomplete data. With over $233 million invested in failed ICOs in 2017, the cryptoasset market is currently opaque and riddled with scams.

The team are building TokenAnalyst to provide transparency to this industry. They parse and classify every transaction on the blockchain using cutting-edge unsupervised clustering techniques. This allows them to derive data-driven insights that enable institutional investors to fundamentally value cryptoassets.

TokenAnalyst have a live web platform and API currently being used by six institutional investors with a combined AUM of $300M, and are in conversation with many of the top crypto hedge funds, VCs, and family offices in the world.

About Entrepreneur First

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We currently run programmes in London, Singapore, Berlin and Hong Kong.

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