Entrepreneur First backs Plumerai to make small machines intelligent.

We are increasingly seeking a future of autonomous robots, big and small — but machine learning techniques are still largely limited to the datacenter. This is why at EF we’re excited about Plumerai, which allows machine learning to be miniaturized using Binarized Neural Networks. Roeland and Taras are a great team, with uniquely relevant skills in Deep Learning and Electronics.

About Plumerai

Big machines are becoming more intelligent by using deep learning on large, expensive and power-hungry GPUs. But these computing platforms are ill-suited for drones and robots.

Plumerai is making small machines intelligent by enabling them to use the power of deep learning locally and in real-time. They do this by using a new type of deep learning, called Binarized Neural Networks.

By combining cutting edge training algorithms with efficient custom hardware, Plumerai creates an embedded deep learning platform that outperforms existing solutions by 20 to 50 times.

About Entrepreneur First

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