Entrepreneur First backs Papercup to automatically translate video

Papercup translates the voice track on videos so every creator can expand their reach to seven billion people. At EF, we are excited about Jessie and Jiameng’s vision to allow millions of creators to reach new audiences.

About Papercup

People who create videos optimise for one metric: number of views. They need to reach an international audience because English-speaking markets are saturated with content.

Subtitles are ineffective as people prefer to hear content in their native language and dubbing is prohibitively expensive, leaving 99% of all video content shackled to just one language.

Papercup solves this by auto-translating the voice track on videos using a groundbreaking approach that combines Bayesian neural networks and speech synthesis. Video creators can produce a translated video with machine generated voices that sound like the original speakers. Papercup have several recurring paying customers and are running proofs-of-concept with two major media companies.

About Entrepreneur First

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