Entrepreneur First backs Panopy to remove bias from performance management

Unconscious bias affects the diversity and effectiveness of virtually every business. At EF, we are excited to invest in Panopy’s novel approach to solving this problem in organizations. Harriet and David are a strong and passionate team that bring together unique experience across Corporate Innovation and Applied Game Theory.

About Panopy

Improving diversity in businesses is a hugely valuable problem to solve. Unconscious bias plays a leading role in limiting the progression of diverse talent. This is currently mitigated through manager training, which is proven to be ineffective. Panopy’s approach is not to change people, but to change the systems that support them instead.

Panopy is a performance management platform that can identify and prevent unconscious bias, enabling managers to consistently progress the best talent. The team do this by collecting sensitive data, applying sophisticated algorithms and through behavioural product design.

Panopy have four paid trials confirmed and strong evidence that their solution works and can provide unknown insights to managers.

About Entrepreneur First

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