Entrepreneur First backs Octeract to solve today’s unsolvable optimization problems

At EF, we think Octeract has the potential to provide a breakthrough improvement in optimization software — with broad and valuable implications across a range of industries. Nikos and Gabriel are uniquely qualified to take on this challenge thanks to their experience in Deterministic Global Optimization and molecular physics.

About Octeract

Mathematical optimization software is used across 40+ industries to solve multi-billion dollar industrial problems. This software can find a solution, but not the best one.

Octeract are developing the first optimization software in history that can guarantee that the best solutions to large-scale, non-linear optimization problems will always be found. Their revolutionary technology (a product of the team’s academic research) employs a combination of massive parallelism, AI, and a niche field of mathematics: deterministic global optimization.

The last breakthrough in optimization enabled humanity to create technologies such as machine learning and the internet. The next is happening now.

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