Entrepreneur First backs nPlan to accelerate the world's construction.

nPlan learns from complex construction schedules to flag delays before they happen. At EF, we believe nPlan can be an essential tool in large construction projects that shape the future of our cities. Dev and Alan are a great team, with unique skills in industy, deep learning, and optimisation methods.

About nPlan

Construction projects are consistently and critically delayed, often because building credible schedules is a challenge beyond human capability.

nPlan’s software uses machine learning to analyse construction schedules to determine where the biggest risks lie and then recommend improvements. nPlan will  become the global go-to method for construction planning that is both accurate and reliable.

nPlan are working with five of the ten largest constructors in the UK, the largest Japanese engineering and construction company and have agreed a paid trial with HS2, the largest construction project carried out in the UK since the Victorian era.

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