Entrepreneur First backs Nivoda to aggregate the world's diamonds

Nivoda is the B2B marketplace for diamonds and jewellery, bringing efficiency and transparency to this global industry. David and Andre are perfectly suited to this challenge, with unique experience in diamond distribution and e-commerce.

About Nivoda

Small retailers make up 80% of the market and for them, buying diamonds is a hard task. It is done via email and Whatsapp to multiple vendors, wasting time and incurring massive shipping costs with each purchase.

Nivoda is an Amazon-like experience for buying diamonds. They can be purchased from anywhere in a single checkout and, because Nivoda consolidate international shipping, delivery costs are reduced by an average of 75% for their customers.

Nivoda have currently onboarded 90 vendors with a total of 400k diamonds for sale on their platform. They've already automated over $200k worth of purchases in trials with three customers.

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