Entrepreneur First backs Mimica to bring self-learning automation to digital work

Despite advances in machine learning, much work is still repetitive and redundant. At EF, we are excited about Mimica’s unique approach to automatically detect repetitive work that’s ready for automation. Tuhin and Raphael are a stellar team, combining expertise in Machine Learning and Computational Neuroscience.

About Mimica

One hundred billion. That’s the number of hours of repetitive, manual work that digital workers do each year. Businesses are begging to automate this work but automations require teams of people and months of effort, making them prohibitively expensive.

What if you could automate a process simply by observing it with software? Mimica are building software that observes the user for a few weeks; derives the intent behind the clicks and keystrokes; and generates the automation automatically.

Mimica’s MVP is in paid trials with two of the big four consultancies who deploy hundreds of automations a week, and they have seventeen other consultancies in the pipeline behind them.

About Entrepreneur First

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