Entrepreneur First backs MΛSSLΞSS to enable three dimensional immersive design.

We are increasingly shifting to a 3D virtual worlds, but design tools are stuck in 2D. That’s why EF is excited to invest in Jack and Dominic’s vision to let designers truly work in 3D. Massless' impressive technical achievement, and industry traction, heralds the beginning of a new standard for design tools.


Everything you see around you needed to be designed. We live in a three dimensional world, but our design tools are two dimensional. Design is about to be disrupted.

The team have invented the MΛSSLΞSS Pen: a precise and intuitive tool that allows designers to break free from the surface and create in the 3D space we live in. They make 3D tools for 3D design.

Using computer vision, they can track the MΛSSLΞSS Pen using any device with a camera. Combined with VR/AR, this results in revolutionary immersive design spaces.

MΛSSLΞSS have hundreds of pre-orders and have shipped their beta product to world leading designers who are using it today.

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