Entrepreneur First backs Limbic to provide computers with vital emotional input.

As we increasingly interact with and through computers, we are limited by their inputs — text, voice, speech, video. At EF, we got excited about Limbic’s vision to add “emotion” to that list, and thereby enable a new range of emotionally-aware experiences.  Ross and Sebastiaan are a powerful team that bring together Computational Neuroscience with Product Development expertise.

About Limbic

While we may be able to transmit our words, voice, and images, computers cannot recognise that which is most fundamentally human: our feelings.

At Limbic, the team understand that intelligence goes beyond IQ. For the first time, they enable developers to understand how their users really feel. Applying machine learning to biometric data collected by wearable devices, Limbic infers the emotional state of the user. Advances in AI and wearable sensors have only just made this possible.

Already, over 50,000 people are transmitting their feelings through the Limbic platform, amassing a valuable biometric dataset that continuously improves algorithms.

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