Entrepreneur First backs Inoviv to match patients with the right drugs

Saving lives is, needless to say, an ambitious and important mission. That’s why, at EF, we are excited about Inoviv’s potentially breakthrough technology to help match patients with the right drugs. Michael and Ernestas bring rare, unique insights into proteomics to make this possible.

About Inoviv

75% of the time cancer drugs don't work. This isn't because the right drugs don't exist, it's because there’s no easy way of knowing which drug to use. This causes six million deaths a year, and a $100bn annual loss in sales for pharmaceutical companies.

Inoviv develop blood tests for major diseases to work out which patients will respond to drugs. Their unique technology, based on targeted proteomics, measures hundreds of molecules in the blood at a fraction of the cost of competitor tests, meaning they can develop tests where others cannot.

Inoviv have already developed functional prototypes of their proprietary technology and their first blood test. Three pharmaceutical companies are sending the team blood samples so they can develop tests to accompany their drugs.

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