Headlight AI

Entrepreneur First Backs Headlight AI to sense and map harsh environments

At EF, we are excited about Headlight AI’s potential to enable autonomous navigation in harsh environments — a Optoelectronics and Computer Vision challenge for which  Jameel and Puneet are perfectly suited.

About Headlight AI

Underground and other complex environments are dangerous, slow, and expensive to map and inspect. This is due to a lack of GPS, poor visibility, and hazardous conditions. This affects everything from water infrastructure inspections and nuclear decommissioning, to petrochemical plant inspections and underground mine surveying.

Headlight AI’s software enables autonomous drones and service robots to operate in these harsh environments. Their patent-pending technology generates accurate 3D maps, even in times of poor visibility.

They have trials lined up for water infrastructure inspection, underground mining, and navigation in adverse weather.

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