ArrayStream Technologies

Entrepreneur First backs ArrayStream Technologies to help fund providers launch next generation AI-powered mutual funds.

All mutual funds seek to match or beat their underlying index — but most do not. At EF, we were impressed by Ran and Yu’s novel approach to active fund management and exciting early results. ArrayStream may prove to be an essential basis for the new generation of AI-powered mutual funds.

About ArrayStream Technologies

The mutual fund industry, with $51 trillion AUM, faces a problem: over 90% of active funds have underperformed the index in the last 15 years. Consequently, investors are shifting to index funds. Is this the end of active funds?

No. By using ArrayStream's technology, investors can maximise the probability of beating the index. By combining dynamic composite signals with their novel polymorphic diversification method, the team are creating the next generation of mutual funds, powered by AI.

Nine months of validating their technology using real money has already yielded excellent results. They are currently working on a thematic fund for a potential UK customer. In addition, ArrayStream are talking to fund providers in China.

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